What if your words could change the world?


What is Moving the Needles?


Moving the Needles is a global platform and community, dedicated to using words and writing as a vehicle of change. Through writing and exploring words, we aspire to empower change at all levels, from the self to society. Change can be small, delicate, nuanced, and we welcome all of its forms and manifestations. 


In viewing change introspectively and internally, we offer "Writing Veranda" and "Wellbeing Writing," both of which aim to inspire you to write creatively and reflectively in a safe and welcoming environment and connect with others. In situating change at the societal level, we have a publication dedicated to illuminating undercovered changemakers in the world - those gifting gravity a little more levity, those creating a little more equality and equity, and those paving the way for change.

We encourage you to join our community as a way to explore your mind to whatever depths you feel comfortable. More than anything, Moving the Needles is a community, and we invite you to join us in healing the world through your words.

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