What if we could heal through words?


What is Moving the Needles?

A Global Community

We encourage you to join our global community to explore your mind to whatever depths you feel comfortable with and join us in healing through your words.

A Safe Space

At MtN, we provide the safe space for you to come together to write collectively, share your stories, and connect with others all around the globe.

Your Inspiration Corner

It sounds simple: we hold a welcoming space and you come write. And it is. But you know how difficult it can be to pick up that pen and write on your own. We’ve found that people draw inspiration from the mere presence of others; they crave and value a space where they feel heard, validated, and at home, and can leave with a renewed sense of self.

Special events ranging from Open Mic Night to themed fundraisers! ​


MtN values its community and all the different things they bring to the table; from time to time, we hold fun events to highlight and engage the amazing and talented people in our community, such as through Open Mic Nights!


MtN is also always open to partnerships with organizations and groups with complementary missions. Most recently, we hosted a three-part series, The 21 Day Journey Back to Self with Passion Planner. Our aim with all our special events is to engage our community in a fun and meaningful way, promoting our values of people and community first. You can find any upcoming special events on our events page.


Writing Veranda

The Writing Veranda is an opportunity for you to dedicate intentional time to reflect and connect through writing. Each 1-hour meeting includes an inspirational quote, three prompts for you to choose from, time to write silently, and time for you to share out in small groups. Past prompts have included "an empty mason jar" and "without __, I would...". 

Wellness Writing

Wellness Writing is an invitation to tap into discomfort and explore such topics that are usually not discussed. We offer a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment to explore these themes in a 1-hour session. There is no right or wrong way to show up to Wellness Writing; what’s important is that you show up.

Our Programs

Special Community Events

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