What if we could heal through words?


What is Moving the Needles?

Moving the Needles (MtN) is a global community using writing, words, and stories as a vehicle for mental wellness and well-being. There are many ways you can practice self care; we believe that one of those ways is to write, and to heal through the power of words.  


We usually approach writing as an isolated activity, but what if we made writing a social activity? At MtN, we provide the safe space for you to come together to write collectively, share your stories, and connect with others all around the globe.


It sounds simple: we hold a welcoming space and you come write. And it is. But you know how difficult it can be to pick up that pen and write on your own. We’ve found that people draw inspiration from the mere presence of others; they crave and value a space where they feel heard, validated, and at home, and can leave with a renewed sense of self.


Our strength lies in our community – people like you – who want to be better versions of themselves and empower others along the way. We encourage you to join our community to explore your mind to whatever depths you feel comfortable with and join us in healing through your words.

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