Moving the Needles (MtN) found its humble beginnings in the early days of COVID-19. Toffy and Fair created writing workshops to bring friends together in order to find hope and connection during isolating times. While the initial goal of the workshops was to produce an article, we realized that the mere act of writing was healing in and of itself and decided to foster spaces to encourage writing in a safe environment to nurture reflection and creativity. 


Words have power, both positive and negative, and if used correctly and without judgement, can create profound impact - at both a personal and community level. We are lifelong journalers and are excited to make journaling and expressive writing a more collective and healing experience. We hope you will join and be a part of our journey.

- The Moving the Needles Team

Meet Our Team

Toffy Charupatanapongse


Prima (Fair) Pisuttisarun


Joanna Hao

Program Lead

Müge Solak

Partnerships & Outreach Coordinator

Linda Tran

Social Media Coordinator

Sherry Chen

Web Design Intern

Melody Zhang

Social Media Marketing Intern

Jeanie Y. Chang, LMFT

Clinical Advisor

Judy Chen

In-house Designer

Our Partners

We’ve partnered with Zenit Journals to offer you 20% off your first purchase of any Zenit product. Please use the code ZENMTN to save on Zenit products to help you in your wellness journey.

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