"MtN has provided me with a safe space to express myself and feel seen and accepted wholeheartedly. It helps me stay accountable to the promises I make about writing more, being creative, and showing up for myself."


– Melody Chang

As someone who has been trying to develop a habit of writing more, and writing more intentionally, being part of a writing community that is no-pressure has been extremely helpful. I am especially grateful I had this community during the pandemic and political turmoil around the world.

– Ujjwala Maharjan

MtN has allowed him to find connection with like-minded folks in the midst of a pandemic where connection is extremely difficult due to the emphasis on social distancing and quarantining. It's refreshing to spend that time with so many creative, thoughtful individuals all passionate about writing.

– Josh Nadzam

MtN has helped ease feelings of anxiety that I had previously associated with writing. It has allowed me to form a new judgment-free relationship with writing, which in turn has increased my productivity at work. MtN has also provided me with a sense of community, a space where I feel accepted and understood, as well as a source of inspiration.

– Ping R.

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