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Our Story

Moving the Needles (MtN), initially began as Toffy’s personal pursuit to explore the intersection between journalism, education, and social impact. As a result, Fair helped set up a publication dedicated to illuminating undercovered changemakers. As Toffy invited friends to write for the publication, Fair included, we both realized how people loved the goal of the publication yet struggled to commit to writing (or had never written outside of an academic setting before). We thought about ways to encourage writing in a safe environment and to build a community of connection within this, and thus created a series of writing workshops. 

Over time, the workshops gave rise to “Writing Verandas,” safe spaces to reflect and connect through writing, and the initial idea of a publication shifted to a larger and broader goal to build a global community to create change and heal the world through words. We realized that words have power, both positive and negative, and if used correctly and without judgement, could create profound impact - at both a personal and societal level. 

We are humbled and excited about the spaces of connection and grounding our community has fostered through words and writing, and hope that from here, we will only grow. We hope you will join and be a part of our journey. 

- The Moving the Needles Team


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