Sowing Change is a weekly podcast exploring change in all of its forms. Change can be small, subtle, and nuanced, and we’re here to show you that you can be a changemaker wherever you are. In our first-ever season, we’ll be talking to seasoned professionals from different careers, listening to their stories, and exploring how they are moving the needles in their respective fields.

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Sowing Change is hosted, produced, and edited by Toffy Charupatanapongse, with help from Linda Tran and Fair Pisuttisarun. Credits to Judy Chen for the podcast artwork.

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Episode 1: Sandina Robbins

Host of Women Rising Radio; CFO of Muse SF; a DJ

Sandina Robbins is the host of Women Rising Radio, a DJ, and CFO of her company, MUSE SF. Before that, she was the Director of Communications for the San Francisco Unified School District. She’s also lived in Mexico City for more than a decade, working as a foreign correspondent for public radio. 

Show Notes:

The Zapatista uprising referred to in the interview was led by indigenous farmers in Chiapas, Mexico who rose up to demand their rights as the country’s long-ignored people in defense of their languages, culture, and land.

Book Recommended: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert


Episode 2: Dr. Troy Regis

Mathematics Educator

Dr. Troy Regis is a career educator specializing in mathematics education, cognitive coaching and educational leadership. He has over 10 years of experience in the United States and 10 years of experience internationally, having lived in Thailand, Madagascar, and Dubai. Currently, Troy lives in the Netherlands and is a Lecturer in Mathematics Education at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences.

Show Notes:

Quote: "Go ask three people who their favorite teacher in school was. Watch their eyes and listen to the way they talk about that teacher. You get to be that." - Tom Rademacher


Books Recommended: Start with Why by Simon Sinek and The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Episode 3: Dr. Sibia Ranjbar

Healthcare Consultant; STEM Advocate

Dr. Sibia Ranjbar is a Healthcare Consultant with experience working in the pharmaceuticals industry. Originally from northern Iran, Sibia came to the US in pursuit of her Ph.D. degree in Environmental Biotechnology and is an advocate for girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). She has worn multiple hats in her career, ranging from a researcher to a project manager.

Show Notes:

Society of Women Engineers

Book Recommended: Paulina by Ana María Matute

Episode 4: Shreeti Pradhan

Music Therapist

Shreeti Pradhan is a music therapist, musical artist and a student of Buddhist studies from Nepal. Both her therapeutic and artistic work is based in Nepal and India. She is currently working in the areas of learning disabilities, mental health care and community well-being.

Show Notes:

The Therigatha Verses, Translated to English: The First Free Women by Matty Weingast

Check out Shreeti's Soundcloud

Episode 5: Anibal Rocheta

Professional Adventure Guide

Anibal Rocheta, a professional adventure guide and photographer from Venezuela, recalls when his love for mountaineering began, and the reasons leading up to his decision to leave his home country and move to the U.S. He discusses his experience with Loco Por La Aventura, an outdoors program for the Latinx community, and how through his outdoors program, he continues to support those like him who come from a foreign culture. 


**At 18:30, the conversation will shift to Spanish, as we wanted to give Anibal an opportunity to do part of the interview in his native language. If you would like to skip to a short English summary of this portion, the translation starts at 24:50.**


Show Notes:

Loco Por La Aventura’s Website

Spanish Translation

Book Recommended: Touching the Void: The True Story of One Man’s Miraculous Survival by Joe Simpson

Episode 6: Mid-Season Finale - How Moving the Needles Created a Community During a Pandemic

MtN Co-Founders

In this mid-season special, the Moving the Needles co-founders chat about the humble beginnings of the community, how it grew, and their hopes for the future. They also talk about their journey growing a community during the pandemic and the many challenges they faced, while providing some insights and advice for anyone who has an idea they want to turn into fruition. 

Show Notes:

The Moving the Needles Publication

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